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I've never tried VXN before, what class do you recommend?

All classes are perfectly suited for all levels. It takes about 3 classes to start feeling comfortable with our moves. I recommend taking at least one VXN 101 class for new VXNs.

What to wear to class? What should I bring?

It tis encouraged to wear your hair down, your favorite lipstick, and an outfit that makes you feel like you're rehearsing for your own concert. Wait...did they just say hair down and makeup to workout?! YUP! We want you to get into character, and by "character" we mean tapping into your inner Rihanna, Beyonce, or J-Lo.

For footwear, we recommend wearing athletic sneakers. Lastly, a towel and water - Gotta stay hydrated, sis!

I am a beautiful pregnant goddess, Can I do VXN?

Yes! With doctor's approval, many of our clients workout up until they give birth. Labor and parenting require strength, stamina and energy and training is a great way to prepare yourself for the challenge

I don't know how to dance, is VXN for me?

VXN is for everyone! All dance levels are welcomed! Our age range varies from 18 all the way to 60. As long as you keep dancing, you will fit right in. Just come ready to have fun! This is a judgement free zone.

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